Wastewater Treatment by Food & Beverage

Significant wastewater is produced by the beverage and food industries. The sewage of these industries is mostly characterized by extremely high concentration of organics. In addition to lots of biodegradable pollutants, the organic matter includes a large number of harmful microbes that may affect human health. If the wastewater in food industry is directly thrown into the environment without being effectively treated, the severe damage to both human beings and the environment could be disastrous.


The main use of the sludge dewatering machine is similar to industrial organic sewage, food plants and wastewater treatment, to meet the water quality requirements of the circulating water, so that the waste water recycling and post-treatment.The tempering agent can modify the sludge to reduce the difficulty of sludge dehydration.The sludge enters the spiral filter press and is mechanically extruded and dehydrated under spiral pressure to form a compact, low water content and non-viscous mud cake, so that the food factory sludge with water content of about 95% forms a dry mud cake with water content of less than 80%, achieving reduction and resource treatment.Fully meet the requirements of the environmental protection department for sludge discharge.

DSCYE can help customers develop the most ideal sludge dewatering treatment plan according to the characteristics of the on-site sludge.