Wastewater Treatment by Industry

The government, fueled by public pressure, is tightening requlations on sewer discharge and landfill disposal. To complyindustries face expensive hauling costs, off-site treatment, municipal fees, or the burden of pond & pit clean up.
The sensible and economical solution is to filter and dewater on-site. DSCYE Water Treatment has designed and manufactured thousands ofwastewater treatment systems worldwide. Utilizing advanced technology andresearch, DSCYE provides effective solutions to a variety of industries and welcomes challenges of all sizes.

Wastewater Treatment by Food & Beverage

Significant wastewater is produced by the beverage and food industries. The sewage of these industries is mostly characterized by extremely high concentration of organics. In addition to lots of biodegradable pollutants, the organic matter includes a large number of harmful microbes that may affect human health. If the wastewater in food industry is directly thrown into the environment without being effectively treated, the severe damage to both human beings and the environment could be disastrous.

Wastewater Treatment by Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, separation is the process of separating a mixture of substances into their individual components. This process is essential in the production of many drugs and chemicals. There are a variety of methods that can be used to separating mixtures, and the most appropriate method depends on the specific properties of the substances being separated.

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