Wastewater Treatment by Industry

The government, fueled by public pressure, is tightening requlations on sewer discharge and landfill disposal. To complyindustries face expensive hauling costs, off-site treatment, municipal fees, or the burden of pond & pit clean up.

The sensible and economical solution is to filter and dewater on-site. DSCYE Water Treatment has designed and manufactured thousands ofwastewater treatment systems worldwide. Utilizing advanced technology andresearch, DSCYE provides effective solutions to a variety of industries and welcomes challenges of all sizes.


DSCYE's Sales Consultants provide customers with a thorough understandingof wastewater problems and solutions. DSCYE is dedicated to finding the mostcost-effective method and educating the customer on all treatment options available in order to make an informed decision.

With thousands of installations worldwide, DSCYE is acknowledged as one ofthe leaders in providing industrial, municipal, and environmental solutions.Serve every customer well.

DSCYE is committed to the satisfaction of every customer.