Decanter Centrifuge

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Standard Equipments

The decanter centrifuge include a motor control center panel to operate the main drive, back drive, and feed pump. A differential speed controller maintains optimal solids balance in the decanter during operation. All parts exposed to wear are protected by special metal hard facing, ceramic wear bushes,inserts, etc. Bushes and inserts are easily exchangeable, even under field conditions. Maintenance tools and spare parts are supplied.


• Optimal for invert drilling

• Exceptional design allows for ultra fine removal

• Improves formation management

• Optimizes solids removal and barite recovery

• Decreases drilling costs and waste volumes

• Provides optimal torque control and high separation efficiency

• Provides high flow capacity

• Features low amperage draw during startup and changes to RPM during operation

Application Scope:

The decanter centrifuge is suitable for solid-phase dewatering, liquid-phase clarification and separation, liquid-liquid-solid three phase separation and size-grading of various suspensions with solid-phase particle sizes of 0.005-15mm, consistency of 1-40% and temperature of ≤ 100°C, esp. for separating the suspensions whose consistency and particle size vary greatly and for which recovery of filter cloth is difficult, such as treatment of PVC resins, ammonium sulfite, barrium carbonate, strontium sulphate, lithopone,starch, diatomite, plaster, bauxite, soybean protein, peanut protein, fruit juice, drinks, vegetable oil, citric acid, powder of blood, powder of titanium white, kaolin clay and drilling mud, etc., and dewatering of washed coal and fine coal, purification of waste oil, treatment of grain stillage liquid waste and municipal sewage and mineral classification. Besides, it is suitable for waste water treatment of electric power plant sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, paper manufacture sludge.