Polymer Preparation Unit

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PAM PAC Automatic Powder Liquid Polymer Chemical Dosing System

The automatic dosing machine is widely used in the waste water treatment, it can mix the compounds continuously and effectively, so the reactive polymer solution appears. These main components of the machine: Polymer feed machine (including material hopper), Dry powder infiltration device, Tank, Level controller, Mixer, Dosage water inlet pipe, Electric control panel.

1- Polymer dosing device

Polymer dosing device is composed of hopper, push screw, electric heater and etc. The effective volume of the hopper can meet the dosage for a long time which is equipped with sight glasses for observing material level monitored by the dry powder level meter. The push screw driven by the high-precision reducer can satisfy the dosage. The electric heater can be installed in the discharge pipe of push screw, and it can prevent the powder from caking.

2-  Polymer dissolving device

Polymer dissolving device is composed of pre-soaking device, tank, and 3 sets of mixers. The pre-soaking device is to infiltrate and mix the polymer powder in advance. The 3 tanks are precast mixing tank, homogeneous slaking tank and solution storage tank, in which there is a mixer correspond to guarantee the homogeneity.

3- Water supply device

Water supply device is composed of pipeline, manual ball valve, filter, pressure gauge, solenoid valve, stop valve, and the rotor flow meter, etc.

Main Features Of Feeding Medicines Chemical Treatment Polymer Dosing System

Continuously working with 3-tank integration design (mixing tank, aging tank, storage tank), easy to operate and maintain, low total cost of ownership

can be extended as a more automatic 2 storage tank type in accordance with the actual needs

With powdered or liquid state (optional) dual feed design to meet different needs. Proportional allocation function makes it possible to prepare liquid concentration by requirements

With uniform and moderate concentration to reduce the agglomeration causing by the improper manual allocation. Blocking of pipe or pump, unnecessary maintenance costs and powder expenses could be well avoided

Powder feeding hopper with anti-condensation, heating and insulation function can avoid the agglomeration or deterioration

Powder feeder with RPM LCD display makes the powder feed rate and concentration more precise controlled

Powder/liquid mixer won the new patent product design, the fusion effect is 100%

Unique design of automatic intermittent operation and cross mixing function at stand-by time makes the uniform solution always working in the best condition

When powder feeding hopper reaches the minimum stock, LED light warning and automatic stop function makes overall maneuverability more perfect

Automatic Polymer Preparation Structure:


Automatic Polymer Preparation Application:

Aid condensation of city sewage

Aid condensation of industry sewage

Disposal and deposit of sludge