Rotary Drum Screen

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DSCYE external rotary drum screen is a primary solid liquid separating machine. It is used for small and medium wastewater treatment plants, which can continuously and effectively remove solid suspended matters, like dregs or slags. In some wastewater treatment, 30% to 60% of the organic or inorganic suspended matters will be removed after the filtration, which can greatly reduce the load of the post process.

DSCYE external rotary drum screen consists of an assemble drum, a cover, a filtrate tank, a transmission device, a flushing device, a dregs scrape, a frame, etc. When the external rotary drum screen starts its filtration work, the gear motor drives the drum screen to rotate, and the floating solids in the wastewater are intercepted on the screen after filtering, and transferred to the slag scrape by the rotating drum screen. At the same time, the flushing device is used to backwash the screen surface. The washed grid slag slips into the garbage truck or conveyors.

Advantages Of Aquaculture Rotary Drum Filter For Sewage Treatment

1、The material is high-strength and corrosion-resistant stainless steel; Less used field area; Convenient construction; It can be directly fixed with expansion bolts without channel construction; Inlet and outlet water can be connected with pipes.

2、The screen will not be blocked by waste solid because the machine is inverted trapezoid cross section

3、The machine is controlled by adjustable-speed motor, which can maintain optimum working condition according to water flow.

4、Special washing device can brush away the impurities on the surface of screen, after twice internal brush, it will achieve the best cleaning effect.


Water separation treatment of industrial waste water in these industries :

Paper Mills

Textile and Dyeing

Food Industry

Chemical Industry