Shaftless Screw Conveyor

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Product Description

Shaftless screw conveyors are spiral bulk material transportation systems that convey rawingredients to and from processing areas that are on different levels of a facility. Theseconveyors can horizontal transport materials, also it can slanted at different angles toeconomically elevate and convey materials up and down floors. They require ample spaceand an increased amount of power to lift the material, depending on the steepness of the angle.

Product Application

1. Ceramic industry: clay, silica, sand, polishing materials, etc.

2. Food industry: soybean, peanut, starch, milk powder, salt, sugar, etc.

3. Plastics industry: plastic powder, plastic particles, etc.

4. Wood industry:wood chips, wood sawing surface and byproducts, etc.

5. Environmental: the filter material, fly ash, fixed residue, waste, etc.

6. Agriculture:livestock feed, food, powder, etc.


1.Fully automatic electric protection can be co-controlled with sludge dewatering system. 

2. The flight is made of stainless steel which is strong enough and anti-corrosive. 

3.Closed running makes the noise low and surroundings better.  

4.Using wear-resisting material in the inner layer of trough, its examining and repairing is convenient. 

5.Its length, angle and discharging hopper can be manufactured according to customer's requirements. 

6.Compact structure, convenient installation with expansion bolts.